PROJECT BRIEF Quick Synopsis

Young Stars, are a community football club based in London. Like many other sports clubs they had been using a standard and boring website template and were in dire need for a complete website redesign.

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PROJECT OVERVIEW Detailed Project Outcome

The Young Stars website was created around the wants and needs of the club. The website follows their club theme of black, red and green. This was an important part of the website as a sports clubs main identity is down to their logos and team colours, so it was imperative these were integrated in a sophisticated manner. The website also encompasses features such as: a comprehensive events planner, allowing the staff to communicate messages to key stakeholders (parents, players and supporters); a fully integrated gallery; comprehensive team pages including team photos, coach description, results grid and form table; an easy to use news blog and many more. The website satisfied all the clients needs as well as going above and beyond their expectations.

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